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Board Game News

BGN is a tabletop and board gaming news feed aggregator.

It is designed to allow the subscription to numerous news feeds and to parse them in one of two possible ways. Some feeds are exclusively dedicated to gaming news, other feeds are general purpose news feeds, for example newspapers, blogs or general purpose gaming sites, which occasionally include articles related to tabletop and board games. BGN aggregates all of the articles and only lists entries which specifically focus on the required subjects.

This system is written totally in BASH script, using additional software.

  • For the back end.
    • wget/curl - utilities for retrieving web pages
    • filepp - generic file pre-processor
    • xmlstarlet - XML processor and manipulator
    • jq - utility for processing JSON data
    • make - utility to ensure files are updated
  • For the website.

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BGN is not affiliated with any of the websites or news feeds linked from this site. This service is provided free of charge because I, and other gamers like myself, have an interest in the latest information regarding our hobby. I do use a number of these sites regularly, for example Kickstarter, but the links do not imply endorsement of the goods or services provided.

BGN was developed and is run by Dragon Cotterill.
With huge thanks to Tom, Steve and Dave for testing, comments and suggestions.
If you wish to make a suggestion then please Submit feedback.